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Green approach

reform green leaf

Reform is our true commitment to renewal.

Hematite believes in protecting the environment for present and future generations. We're a leader in environmental responsibility. One of the most valuable benefits to our customers is Hematite's Reform process, which helps them reduce costs and reduce their ecological footprint. [more]

Start to finish

start to finish

Full service from design to fabrication to assembly.

From our Reform recycling process to sophisticated product solutions, we deliver. Our cross-functional teams ensure customers receive innovative design through to high-quality products that are continually tested, competitively priced and delivered on time. [more]

World-class products

orange wheel hub

Managing the effects of sound, airflow and water.

Hematite's innovative Reform process makes our products' strength-to-weight ratio well suited to applications requiring lightweight, high-performance composite sound insulators and air/water barriers. [more]

Four core capabilities


Four key capabilities make up our 4ward solution.

As a manufacturing partner, we have a process capability that matches a variety of needs, including compression molding, injection molding, thermo forming, extrusion, die-cutting and lamination. [more]

Managing environmental impact on the vehicle:


Managing environmental impact on the planet:


We make our environmental policy known to everyone who works for and with Hematite. Our green commitment began early. Hematite was one of the first companies to be registered to ISO 14000... [more]

3D Recycle