An Integrated, Innovative Approach

Hematite believes in protecting the environment for present and future generations. We're a leader in environmental responsibility. Our Environmental Management System ensures we:

  • Keep up-to-date with changing environmental laws and regulations, and complying with them
  • Educate our employees about preventing pollution
  • Set, review and revise measurable environmental objectives and targets as necessary
  • Effectively communicate new objectives and targets to our employees
  • Meet the expectations of the ISO 14001 standard

We make our environmental policy known to everyone who works for and with Hematite.

Our green commitment began early. Hematite was one of the first companies to be registered to ISO 14001, occurring on December 20, 2001 (EMS #68077).

Quick Facts About Hematite:

  • full service Tier 1 supplier
  • four distinct process capabilities (extrusion, thermo forming, injection molding, compression forming - strategically located in key areas of North America)
  • developed the unique Reform™ process
  • constantly innovating and testing new, green materials
  • Over 130 employees with high average length of service and low turnover rate
  • 4 Vacuum Formers (with deep draw thin sheet capability)
  • 3 Extruders (thin sheet capability)
  • 31 Injection Molding Machines (90 to 2000 ton)
  • 2 Compression Forming Lines

    Pavaco Facility

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Reduce Reuse Recycle Reform
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