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Managing Acoustics,
Air Flow and
Water Deflection

Hematite's innovative Reform process makes our products' strength-to-weight ratio well suited to applications requiring lightweight, high-performance composite sound insulators and air/water barriers.

We have a full-line of products for the OEM industry that includes:

  • Lightweight and flexible barriers
  • Self-locating/retaining formed plugs
  • Air and water management components for thermo-dynamic cooling
  • Acoustical door water shields
  • Thermo-bonding of composites to barrier materials

Hematite uses a Systematic Health and Safety program with 12 elements that cover all aspects of the operation. We conduct monthly audits of our program element. As a result, we've achieved a record of more than three years without a loss-time accident.

acoustics, air flow, water deflection acoustics airflow water deflection

Product Applications

  • Body Plugs; (self retaining acoustic plugs that snap into sheet metal behind interior trim)
  • Fender to Cowl Insulator (designed for interference fit to seal along sheet metal preventing noise from entering interior cabin)
  • Tunnel Insulator
  • Floor Insulator
  • Seatback Insulator (designed to fit under package shelf and runs down the back seat support mating up to the carpeting on the floor; prevents noise intrusion into interior cabin from trunk area)
  • Wheelhouse Insulator
  • Engine Side Insulator
  • Hood Insulator
  • Wheel Fender Liners (textile and plastic)
  • Splash Shields; Fuel and Break Line Shields
  • Air Dams; Aero Shields
  • Under-Engine Covers
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